Barry Cawston: Echoes

31.01.19 – 30.05.19

Echoes is a beautiful reflection on the ancestry of trees by distinguished photographer, Barry Cawston.

In his stunning imagery Cawston explores the eternal splendor of the forest; the majesty and the mystery that has resonated down through the ages. Cawston compels us to look more closely at the trees before us and read into their form the countless generations that have preceded them – to contemplate the infinite and immortal growth rings that have rippled in slow motion through an incomprehensible amount of time to get to this not so decisive moment.

Echoes plays too on Cawston’s deft mimicry of Victorian hand-painted imagery. His trees begin life monochromatically before they evolve to reach out to us in an unearthly display of earthly colours.

Cawston is based in the West Country but frequently travels internationally for his work. He has been widely exhibited and acknowledged in numerous professional awards.



ANYA BROIDO’s people

22.02.19 – 30.09.19

ANYA BROIDO’s people introduces us to the stunning portraiture of an exciting new photographic talent. In Broido’s hands an entire lifetime is captured in an instant and her levelling eye gives a dignity to all the people that inhabit her extraordinary world.

Tel Aviv: captures the defiance and diversity of a generation of people not yet ready to close their eyes on the city that never sleeps.

Soho: is an ongoing series charting the perpetual flow of its people at night. Each generation makes the streets their own and every night is born anew – though somehow each and every scene remains the same.

Anya Broido is a London based photographer working in portraiture, fine art and documentary photography. Broido’s work has already featured in several publications including the British Journal of Photography’s ‘Portrait of Britain’ series.