Martin Adlams: Metropolis

1.05.19 – 30.11.19

Metropolis realigns the patterns of our everyday movement through time and place in a stunning series of kaleidoscopic images.

At the heart of Adlam’s work lies the quotidian; the tendency we have to traverse our familiar urban environments in purposeful and predictable ways through routine and necessity. And whilst we find ourselves herded by the man-made environment which we have constructed around us – endlessly building simple repetitions into more complex patterns – we remain unaware of the collective creative forces that Adlam sees. Simultaneously thereby, we are all as present as we are absent here, and the conception of the imagery is all of ours in equal part.

But whilst our own contribution is that of the mundane, Adlam’s vision is bolder, as he schematises our paths through life into larger mosaics, reflecting that unseen, collective mark we make on the spaces we inhabit. The bursts of colour become a reflection, both figuratively and literally, of movement and life. Ethereal in their beauty, each piece encapsulates a unique juncture in an intrinsically enigmatic manner.



ANYA BROIDO’s people

22.02.19 – 24.10.19

ANYA BROIDO’s people introduces us to the stunning portraiture of an exciting new photographic talent. In Broido’s hands an entire lifetime is captured in an instant and her levelling eye gives a dignity to all the people that inhabit her extraordinary world.

Tel Aviv: captures the defiance and diversity of a generation of people not yet ready to close their eyes on the city that never sleeps.

Soho: is an ongoing series charting the perpetual flow of its people at night. Each generation makes the streets their own and every night is born anew – though somehow each and every scene remains the same.

Anya Broido is a London based photographer working in portraiture, fine art and documentary photography. Broido’s work has already featured in several publications including the British Journal of Photography’s ‘Portrait of Britain’ series.